We have a lot in store for you all to enjoy; below is a small taste of the variety of programming Midwestria will have!

  • Artist Alley

    Artist registration is open!
    Click here for more info.
    Artist list coming soon!

  • Exhibit Hall

    Vendor registration is open!
    Click here for more info.
    Exhibitor list coming soon!

  • Panels

    Panel Submissions are open!
    Click here to apply.
    Panel schedule coming soon!

  • Running of the Leaves 5K

    Midwestria's main Charity event, a 5K race benefitting local charity. Registration & full info coming soon!

  • Iron Pony Competition

    Midwestria's outdoor competition and celebration extravaganza; the Iron Pony Competition. More info coming soon!

  • Grand Galloping Gala

    Midwestria's formal ball event, remenisant of the one and only Grand Galloping Gala. Full information coming soon!

  • Fri/Sat Night Dances

    Both Friday and Saturday nights we're bringing out the best of Equestria to spin your favorite music all night long!

  • Karaoke is Madness

    Midwestria will be featuring the Midwest Karaoke Madness group, who have every song you could dream of!